Dynalec Controls

Quality Policy

Dynalec is committed to a quality management system dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers and of all regulatory requirements applicable to our products and services. These products and services include the

  • Design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of Test Beds for Prime Mover Testing
  • Service support and Supply of spare parts for Test Bed Systems.
  • Providing test bed for Engine testing
We are also committed for continual improvement of our product, services and quality management system.
Objectives will be established to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and performance against these objectives will be monitored and reviewed by management. Communication of this policy throughout the Company and staff training will be key in the achievement of these objectives.
Dynalec will not only fulfill the customer requirements but strive hard to exceed customer expectations and also comply with the requirements of all interested parties. To ensure successful implementation of this policy, staff is responsible for identifying and satisfying customer requirements and raising with management areas where improvements in customer satisfaction can be made.