Dynalec Controls

Gravimetric fuel meter

The Gravimetric Fuel Consumption Time/Weight Indicator essentially comprises a unit which senses weight of fuel being consumed by the engine under test and an indicator-cum-controller to set either quantity of fuel in grams or time in seconds to display time required to consume set quantity of fuel or display quantity of fuel consumed in the set time.

The indicator comprises a keypad to set weight or time and LED display for the indication of fuel weight, fuel consumption time and fuel flow. The electronic circuit in the indicator ensures that the level of fuel in the glass container is maintained within the minimum and maximum level (internally set).

Range: 10 to 200 g or 50 to 500 g – any value can be set on instrument / PC
Indicating Accuracy: ± 0.2% of fsd for weight , ± 0.1 s for time
Resolution: 0.1 g for weight , 0.1 s for time
Setting of Time/Weight: Special function keys on the keypad
Display(for Weight/time): LED Time base: Crystal Oscillator
Alarms: For high and low fuel levels with trip at high level.
PC interfacing: Thru’ RS 485 (for actual weight consumed & fuel consumption time)