Dynalec Controls

Fuel Conditional Unit

The DCPL fuel conditioning unit is a high precision and continuous fuel consumption measurement and conditioning system. The system is notable for its high accuracy and Temperature stability. The system is modular design allows it to be integrated with existing conditioning systems.
Fuel-Conditioning-Unit img

Benefits :

  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • Integrated unit monitors fuel consumption and controls fuel pressure, fuel flow, fuel consumption, fuel temperature. The integrated system ensures that variations are compensated, so that end results of dynamometer output are consistent.
  • Auto priming facility for diesel engines.
  • Easy to install, can be wall mounted, floor mounted, or wheel mounted.
  • Full interface with PC, system can be directly monitored and controlled from PC.
  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • In mass flow Coriolis type fuel measurement system, calibration is not required.
  • Fuel water content alarm available as an option.
  • Auto drain facility to prevent spillage and save fuel wastage.
  • This system is suitable to control the fuel (diesel) temperature within the range of +40 °C to +45 °C (6 °C higher than cooling tower water temperature) throughout the test, at the engine inlet.