Dynalec Controls

Wheeler Vehicle Testing

  • DCPL chassis dynamometer is a metal rollers connected to a device which simulates the vehicle inertia and the vehicle road load that the vehicle experiences on a real road
  • This system is intended to simulate automobile driving conditions, and to test power performance, emissions analysis, NVH, environment resistance, durability and EMC.

Types of test offered on DCPL chassis dynamometer

  • Acceleration
  • Reverse Gear
  • Speedometer
  • Tractive force test (Randomly)
  • Gear Change
  • Fuel Consumption Test
  • Max. speed
  • Data capturing / Functioning Test – ECU
  • Deceleration
  • Integration of Emission Checking Report.
  • Brake Test
  • Data Capturing / Functioning
  • Park assist mode
  • Test – Electric Vehicle Data


  • It supports tests for a variety of vehicles, such as four-wheel/two-wheel drive vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and electric vehicles, among others.
  • A fabricated enclosure can simulate any type of environment, including high and low temperatures, high humidity, low pressure.
  • Linear regression is used to evaluate the driving force of electric inertia, and high precision simulation of vehicle speed of front and rear wheels is achieved.