This system is suitable to control the fuel (diesel) temperature within the range of +40 oC to +45 oC (6 oC higher than cooling tower water temperature) throughout the test, at the engine inlet. For lower temperature range chiller is provided.

Fuel from the in-cell tank is passed through a heat exchanger, which is made of SS sheet metal.  The water controlled at specific desired temperature is used to remove heat from fuel flowing through the heat exchanger.

It is observed that the temperature of fuel is maintained with ± 1 oC.


The system comprises:
Digital Temperature Indicating Controller For Heater
A heater
Bosch Fuel Pump
Air Separator

A sight flow indicator is provided in the fuel circuit for visual flow indication.

Following Auto functions are provided:

  • Auto priming module for fuel
  • Auto venting valve with interlock
  • Auto fuel draining (Suction type)