Type : Non mixing closed loop cooling system
Temperature range : 80°c~95 °c
Temperature Satbility : ± 0.2 oC steady state , ± 2 oC dynamic
Indicating accuracy : +-1.0°c

The system essentially comprises:

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Motorized Valve
  • Circulation Pump with VFD
  • Drain Pump
  • SS In-cell Tank with level switch & level gauge
  • Filters at inlet of the tank, inlet of the engine and in the drain circuits
  • Heater
  • Temperature Control for Heater & engine water out temperature with sensors
  • Ball Valves, NRVs, pressure gauges, piping, etc.

Here, the raw water is used for controlled heat removal from the engine so as to maintain coolant outlet temperature say at 85o C. (settable range 80 oC ~ 95 oC)

Initial heating of coolant at 70 oC with auto timer so that engine is filled with hot coolant; insulated, hot water storage tank with level control, visual glass tube level indicator, over flow and drain, auto & manual filling provision.

Following Auto functions are provided:

  • Engine filling,
  •  External pump to assist engines own pump.
  • Drain,
  • Blow-down with compressed air